What is a Select Prime Full Doc?

The Select Prime Full Doc program is a Non-QM loan solution designed with precision and flexibility in mind. With an LTV of up to 90% and a wide loan amount range, it’s suitable for diverse financial scenarios. The program’s core strength lies in its adaptability; whether for owner-occupied residences, second homes, or investment properties, it provides a structured yet accommodating approach. With a clear focus on the borrower’s financial profile, the program requires only a minimum FICO of 640 based on the primary wage earner’s middle score. Its reduced documentation period and a pragmatic view on recent credit events underscore its commitment to efficiency. Moreover, its inclusivity is evident, catering to US Persons, those with ITIN, and foreign nationals. In essence, the Select Prime Full Doc offers a balanced, professional, and comprehensive mortgage solution.

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  • Up to 90% Max LTV
  • Loan Amounts: $125K–$3.5M+
  • Purchase, Rate and Term, Cash Out
  • OO, Second Homes, NOO
  • Min FICO Score of 640, Qualifying off Primary Wage Earner’s Middle Score
  • 1–2 Years Documentation
  • Less Seasoning on Recent Credit Events
  • U.S. Person, ITIN, Foreign Nationals (for Second Homes and Investment Occupancy)


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