What is Investor DSCR?

This investment loan program offers an elegant blend of flexibility and robust features, catering specifically to the discerning investor. It allows for streamlined income verification through market rent or lease agreements, highlighting its commitment to ease and efficiency. The inclusion of a 2/1 temporary buydown reflects its adaptability to different financial strategies. Furthermore, its diverse DSCR options, coupled with provisions for properties listed on platforms like AirDNA, emphasize its relevance in today’s dynamic investment landscape. With a foundational FICO requirement of 640 and an accommodating LTV threshold, this program is both inclusive and prudent. It is complemented by versatile property type options and judicious financial provisions, solidifying its position as a premium choice for serious investors.

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  • Up to 85% LTV on Purchase of 1 Unit (Single-Family Residence/PUD), 720 Min FICO
  • Loan Amounts From $150K to $3M+
  • Purchase, Rate/Term and Cash Out
  • DSCR Options: ≥ 1.00, ≥ 0.75 to 0.99 or No Ratio
  • No Ratio: 700 Min FICO, Purchase and Rate/Term 75% LTV and Cash Out 65% LTV
  • 3 Years Seasoning From U.S. Credit Events
  • Condotels and Short-Term Rental Financing Available
  • Foreign National Available Using the Foreign National Program


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