Unlocking Home Ownership: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Innovative Home Loan Solution for Your Self-Employed Clients

As a mortgage broker, you understand the diverse financial backgrounds of your clients, especially those who are self-employed. These clients, while often successful and financially savvy, can encounter significant hurdles when navigating the traditional home loan landscape. Recognizing this gap, NQM Funding offers a specialized home loan solution tailored to meet the unique needs of your self-employed borrowers.

The Challenge: Traditional Loans and Self-Employed Clients

For self-employed individuals, the journey to homeownership can be complex and challenging. Unlike traditional salaried employees, these clients often experience fluctuating incomes and possess financial documentation that diverges from standard loan application requirements. This variance can make securing a mortgage through conventional means difficult, as traditional lending models typically rely on consistent income and a standard set of financial records.

Your Role in Simplifying the Process

As a mortgage broker, you play a crucial role in guiding your self-employed clients towards the right loan products. With NQM Funding’s innovative home loan options, you can offer a solution that understands and accommodates the unique financial realities of self-employment. By partnering with us, you become a pivotal part of your client’s journey to homeownership, providing them with tailored options that recognize the nuances of their income and business operations.

NQM Funding’s Tailored Home Loan Solutions

NQM Funding has developed customized loan programs specifically designed for your self-employed clients. These include:

  1. Bank Statement Program: This program utilizes 12 or 24 months of bank statements to verify income, acknowledging the income fluctuations typical for self-employed individuals. This approach provides a realistic and adaptable method for income verification.
  2. Profit & Loss Statement Program: Alternatively, we offer a program that evaluates your client’s Profit & Loss statement in conjunction with two months of bank statements. This combination offers a comprehensive view of your client’s financial health, enabling an informed lending decision.

Partner with NQM Funding

At NQM Funding, we’re dedicated to providing mortgage solutions that cater to the unique scenarios of self-employed clients. By partnering with us, you can expand your portfolio of loan products, meet the specific needs of a diverse client base, and help more individuals achieve their dream of homeownership.

With our specialized loan offerings, you can assure your self-employed clients that their entrepreneurial journey is not a barrier but a valued asset in their pursuit of a home loan. Let’s collaborate to turn the dream of homeownership into a reality for your self-employed clients.

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